Atelier Muse is a creative initiative, that implements new approaches to art by carrying out interdisciplinary cross-sectoral projects. Atelier Muse adopts a global and collaborative point of view with partners sharing the same vision as to be present and actively productive in life.

Initiated in 2017, Atelier Muse Residency Program is the realisation of a lifelong dream of its founder Müge Olacak to add value to life by coming together, exchanging knowledge and creativity with curiosity. The program is established to host artists from all around the world, creating a bridge of understanding between cultures. Istanbul, a city that is both Asian and European, is without a doubt the best place to get stimulated and inspired. The organiSation shares its founder’s believe, that art is a remedy for growing divisions and conflicts in today’s societies and we are able find a common ground by working together in creating it. While program focuses on contemporary dance, performance, writing and new media arts, it is also open for artists who works on social causes independently of disciplines.