The Series ”99”- Istanbul / Find Your Calling Istanbul

Neha Maqsood- The ’99’ Series

Neha Maqsood- ”99” Series- Istanbul

Qatar-based Pakistani painter grew up an environment where freedom was few and far between and it had a crucial role in shaping her life and art. Artist depicts the element of “Concealing and Process” through the layers of color and form in an aesthetically pleasing way. Maqsood adds video projections in her artworks. Artist experiments with color, texture, composition, method of application and surface.

On 5th of November, there was an artist talk that Neha Maqsood had explained her art and process. She had talked about how she came to be an artist as she was and how she makes her own artworks. Process is more than just a process to her, it was the product itself. She was improving her work all the time, adding more photos in it and changing it continuously. Her art was never an end product. It was spectacular to see her works evolving all the time and becoming something more every day.  Furthermore, her works could be seen in Gallery BU during her residency.

When the artist came to Istanbul, after discovering the touristic spots of the city, she started her projects with photography. She was genuinely impressed by the architecture of the city and the people.  She found Turkish people very alike to the people of her hometown, Pakistan. Therefore she made a project from the portraits of people, both from Turkish and Pakistani. It was somehow hard to take portraits of Turkish people, since people were not really into being photographed by a stranger. However, in the end of Neha’s visit in Istanbul, her project was finished.

As it was mentioned above, she was also fascinated by the buildings of Istanbul. It is a fact that Istanbul is a very old city that has lived through many historical periods. It was once New Rome and then named Constantinople.  Therefore, the buildings are very diverse and historic. They have their own memories. The artist went to Balat, she decided to make one of her works in this neighborhood.  She took lots of photos, both old and renovated buildings. After this visit, she has completed her work on buildings.

Her other work was on Bosphorus. In her own words; ‘Living and exploring the city life of Istanbul, I was majorly awestruck with the Bosphorus which is in the middle of the city and connects all the major places through different ferry stations. It was surprising for me to see how people in this city use ferry for a normal transportation every morning for their daily work route and they’re not even concerned for the view they’re blessed with. One of my works from Istanbul series is created through photographing 99 different angles and perspective of Bosphorus pictures, resulting in one mesmerizing image through layers. I want to present Istanbul to Turkish people as “This is your Istanbul”.’

Her works were displayed in Artist 2017, TUYAP Istanbul International Art Fair. For those who didn’t have a chance to see her works, The 99 Series, Istanbul works are available on Atelier Muse Fall’17 Catalogue.