Bipolar Project / Fatmagül Mutlu

Fatmagül Mutlu- Bipolar Project

As an artist Fatmagül Mutlu is in a phase of research both in her art and in different fields. She investigates not only painting and three dimensional works but also design, printing and other technical approaches. The main point of these Works is that most of the time she focuses on societal subjects. It is interesting that fine arts education, art therapy and creative drama and usage of special techniques in coexistence of art and individual.

Usage of the creative nature of art in therapies is increasing rapidly. Fatmagül Mutlu owns the ‘Bipolar Project’ due to several reasons, which are to help arts usage in psychotherapy, to increase the consciousness about bipolar affective disorder and to stop labeling people without real knowledge.

The main reason of the existence of her works about episodes of bipolar disorder and her Bipolar project initiative is to draw attention to the disorder, to lead others, to bring a different perspective to the art therapies, to stand against the stigma and to emphasize the closeness of art to psychology in Turkish art scene.

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