“Find Your Calling Istanbul is an initiative taken to open roads that reach each other in times stationary, stagnant, and non-flowing. Without waiting for anyone a turn, in an opposite way it turned into an energy that pushes everyone it touched a step forward. The Find Your Calling Istanbul residency program, which first started in 2017, is inspired by the fact that Istanbul is always beautiful while growing with time, by always flowing, by embracing what is happening despite what is happening and by always preserving its essence. The artist expanded her scope in 2018 with the creation of productive intersections by bringing together the time, space, art directors and viewers, and with the Creative Mentorship Program, experienced mentors in the field took part in “mind-shift” by working with the residency program participants. In Germany, we experienced together the different thinking in production practices with artists participating from Chile and Turkey. People who never knew each other met, cultures met and learned from each other. We are very happy that we could contribute for everyone to put something valuable in their bag from this process. With Find Your Calling Istanbul, none of us are at the point where we started, and we continue to follow our own call.  Endless thanks to all those our paths intersected who have been working with their hearts and knowledge.” – Müge Olacak, Founding Director

For what happened more in 2018 edition, program catalogue is available below. Enjoy in fullscreen mode!