The second edition of the Find Your Calling Art Residency Program is happening between October – December, 2018 with venue partnerships of ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association and Studio Dutluk. More partnerships will be announced during the program for the performance and exhibition program.

This year, the program is extended to three modules;

1) Artistic production: This year, Atelier Muse hosts artists for their production and public integration process in Istanbul. The artists are;

  • Yeşim Us, Interdisciplinary Contemporary Artist, TR
  • Özlem Güldemir & Johannes Rohloff, Literature & Video artists, DE
  • Benedetta Reuter, Choreographer and dancer & Bassem Hawar and Nicola Hein Musicians, DE
  • Sezen Tonguz, Choreographer and dancer, PT
  • Sole Medina, Choreographer and dancer, CL

2) Professional Mentorship: This module is developed to answer the need in arts field to be equipped in business development, entrepreneurship and for young artists, artistic production with the experience of our founder via running arts and cultural programs and strategic marketing programs.

Mentors of the program:

  • Müge Olacak, Founding Director of Atelier Muse
  • Sezen Tonguz, Founding Director of b.a.z.e.n
  • Cihan Şirolu, Co-founder of 700DCC

3) Performance and Exhibition Program: At the end of the program, there will be a performance and exhibition program as Find Your Calling Istanbul to present works produced during the residency period. In addition to that local artists will be invited to present their works mainly in contemporary dance and performance field. This is also important to open a space for artists who lives and produce qualified works in Turkey, which have to find more space for themselves as a contribution to our own country. This also enables more exchange of knowhow and experience among artists and arts professionals with discussions, exhibition and performance showings and networking events. Program will be announced soon.