Find Your Calling Istanbul @Artist 2017 – 27th Istanbul International Art Fair

ARTIST 2017 / 27th Istanbul Art Fair deals with utopias under three categories: historical, conceptual and actual. It is embarked upon an expedition to utopias with exhibitions, concerts, performances, discussions, workshops, screenings and publications. It reaches from 13th century Anatolian dervishes and Şeyh Bedreddin to the Soviet Avant-garde, from cyborgs and science fiction to alternative economies, ecological movements, and pedagogic experiences. It is discussed that the political aspects of the different concepts of temporality borne by utopia. It is called for discussions of utopia as a concept across relationships of nostalgia and freedom, politics and aesthetics, art and design. “Realist Utopias” have room for production and consumption cooperatives that have become more important amidst waves of financial crises, queer and feminist lifestyles, and utopias that breathe in the body and nature. – ARTIST 2017 Curatorial Statement

Atelier Muse, Artist Residency Program has come to life to make world artists to witness the transformation Istanbul, one of most important cities of the World, is experiencing. Within the theme of ‘’Find Your Calling Istanbul’’, Atelier Muse displays its residency artists’ art Works in the TUYAP ARTIST 2017. While making daily bodily experiences visible, it shows the courage to carry utopia to the sunlight,

With her installation and performance art work ‘’Satılık/For Sale’’, Müge Olacak gives up on calling an artwork worthy/ worthless and questions the relativity of price on the self-value. With the accompaniment of Sevin Seda Güney as a performance artist and Murat Durum as the photographer, ‘’Satılık/ For Sale’’ is curious about the value the audience gives to the expression of artists in an authentic way.

Fatmagül Mutlu’s work, “Psychotherapy”, emphasizes the search of kinesthetic and rhythmic therapy  against the universe we live with all the infollution and intensive information transformation. The artwork stands against the endless harassment of the individual by the unneeded information and in the utopic search of a different World.

Neha Maqsood’s artworks ‘’The Series 99’’ are inspired by the incompleteness and ambivalence. Like every moment has multilayers, ‘’99 Series’’ is interested in reaching the unexpected outcome through multilayered visuals and process. Moreover, her artworks that will be displayed in Istanbul Art Fair, are based on her experience in Istanbul.

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