For Sale by Müge Olacak

“For Sale / Satılık”

Müge Olacak, Installation & Performance, 2017

For Sale is developed by Müge Olacak within more than 2-year of time period. She has observed the vertical hiyerarchies of the constitutions, corporations, society with a critical eye of believing the horizontal role, responsibility and reward sharing rather than giving orders, obeying. She choses to use analayze the amounts of money as an exchange tool against labor or effort of humans (with full presence in their living). Money in the negotiations in a job offer, promotion, sales, buying of any object or service.

In the beginning of her process, she was receiving and evaluating what they offer to her. In time, she started to put her own price for the described title, tasks, success parameters while she was describing those for herself as well in time.

During her artwork For Sale, she asks the audinece about the price of the work (or whatever thay value) while she has the price as set already. If someone wants to buy the artwork, only she/he/they can learn it from the artist in the set conditions. The artist is open for negotiations fort he set up of the installations since the vision of the artist to create a shared space but not for the price of the artwork.

Conceptual Framework

For Sale intends to stop the discussion of being valuable or not and questions of the relativity of self-value and rights of outsiders on someone’s own value. For Sale wonders about the evaluation of the authantic self-expression ways and preferences. “Who is responsible for describing the value of my own being?”

Hands are the specific part of the body to reach life and people around. People communicate with life through their hands. They push, pull, hold, open, close…


Space: The sign of “For Sale” is hanging on the wall like it is on a window of a store and a blood serum on the other side with a space in between for the performer. The blood serum represents the life with continuous dripping of blood.

Performance: The artist carries several occasions, characters and especially her/his sincere reactions towards these several occasions, characters via her/his hands in the most simplistic and sleek form. Since the artwork is based on real life experiences, the performance is open for real reactions of both the performer, the audience and the interaction bewtween them. Performer also take off the performing space to observe the space as an outsider and ask the audience “How much is it?” for a small discussion and intervention to their way of thinking about the “value/ self-value”

Duration: This is durational work according to the time, space and the people interaction. The main purpose is to prolonge the performance 3-hours at least as an endurance experience of her/his upcoming reactions coming from the postures she/he carries with the internal pushing emotions as well.

Residency & Exhibitions

Special Solo Exhibition, Galeri BU Art Gallery, Istanbul, 1 – 12 Dec, 2017

ARTIST 2017 Istanbul International Art Fair, Atelier Muse, TUYAP Istanbul,

4 – 12 Nov, 2017

Find Your Calling Istanbul; Atelier Muse Artist Residency Program; Istanbul, 14 Oct – 2 Nov, 2017

Photographic Documentation

ARTIST 2017 Istanbul International Art Fair, Atelier Muse, TUYAP Istanbul

4 – 12 Nov, 2017

Performer: Sevin Seda Güney

Photographs: Murat Dürüm











Special Solo Exhibition, Galeri BU Art Gallery, Istanbul

1 – 12 Dec, 2017


Note from an Audience

“Today I was so lucky to watch the performance of a Turkish artist.
She was just standing in front of me changing her position. On the left side a sign says: For sale.

Then she went to my side “to see the things from outside” as she said. She asked me; what is the price of it in your opinion?, because it is for sale.
I replied; I do not know exactly what is all about but to me
you are giving me your “time” and it is the most valuable thing that you have. Then I have been watching her around 40 minutes.

Just standing, changing few positions and it is all.

Talk about value is not talk about money. Talk about value is not about women. Talk about value is on you. Just my opinion.

Thank you Müge, I think you are a great person and artist.” – Armando Rabadan