“For hundreds years, Istanbul is a talismanic seal that associating Europe and Asia. Istanbul is absolutely the best place in the whole world.” Famous French writer Gerard De Nerval describes Istanbul with these words.

Istanbul is a capital of different cultures where all the world is looking at its existence in the stage of history with admirations. Istanbul is a city where Fazıl Say’s music is being over the moon, Nazım Hikmet’s poetries are felt on the seven hills of Istanbul and where Ara Güler pressed the shutter at each side of it. Istanbul is a treasury where the art and the artist emerge from the cocoon and flying as a butterfly.

Turkey is a passage way between two sides of the world where cultures meet, integrate, create with inspiration of togetherness. Since, nowadays, Turkey lives historical changes, we are excited to document these times and use art as a communication medium between generations to carry this information. For artists coming together in Istanbul in that sense is another unique opportunity to experience various sides, areas, perceptions of time and space.


Photo credit: Dilara Akkoyun