Kabutar; Cultural exchange exhibition between Turkey, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Italy, and France.

Kabutar (pigeon in English) is a bird which has been used for ages as symbol or messenger of hope and peace. Pigeons has been trained as a method of communication as old as the ancient Persians who started the art of training the birds. Besides Persians, the Romans used pigeon posts to aid their military over 2000 years ago. When artists send their work to other territories mainly beyond boundaries, they send a piece of themselves. Cultural exchange programs are mostly promotion of diversity and communication between different nations.

Artists’ work differs from different localities and regions, the way we are experiencing due to certain circumstances, there is something or the other in every society. It will be an execution of similar context in multicultural approaches; so, we are riding in more or less similar boat but in different oceans, hence every ocean has its serenity and storms.

Atelier Muse, in line with its vision for mobility of knowledge and belief as dialogue brings understanding and change in harmony, we eagerly took a main partnership in this project as both Local curator and artists from Turkey, Eda Emirdağ, Cansu Ergin and Sezen Tonguz as representatives of our own unique and rich culture.

For execution of this show, artists from all five countries are invited to showcase their work during this travelling exhibition. Exhibitions will be held at galleries at different cities in all the countries. Starting from Pakistan (27-30th Apr, 2019) as launch of this project, then it will travel to all five countries (Italy, France and The Netherlands in August,2019), Istanbul (5-8th September, 2019 at Circuit Istanbul).

Participating Artists:

  • Italy: Alberto Magrin, Angela Vinci, Cristiana De Marchi
  • Pakistan: Farrukh Shahab, Aqeel Solangi, Hina Tabassum
  • The Netherlands: Daniel Ploeger, Hans Overvliet, Jorie Kerottier
  • France: Fredrick Develay, Denise Frechet
  • Turkey: Eda Emirdağ, Sezen Tonguz, Cansu Ergin