Life’s Lines / Find Your Calling Istanbul

Life’s Lines, Dance Performance

eSKay Arts Collective at Find Your Calling Istanbul Artist Residency Program / Fall’17

Kelly and Carey held their residency program in Istanbul between 19th September and 3rd October 2017. During these two weeks they have been intensively creating their collective art piece, called “Life’s Lines”, which they have performed in Akbank Sanat at the end of their stay.

Their two week long stay in Istanbul was a very creative process full of hard work and artistic exploration. Four hours long rehearsals in Akbank Sanat, Salt Galata and ÇATI Çağdaş Dans Sanatçıları Derneği took place almost every day and the artists were often staying in the venues to work together after hours and prepare the piece.

While in Istanbul, Kelly was also hosting a two day workshop on movement and contemporary dance, where she shared her dancing experience with Turkish dance community. The workshop was organised in collaboration between Atelier Muse and Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası and took place during the weekend on 23rd and 24th September.

Atelier Muse’s artists’ assistants made sure, that Kelly and Carey soak in the culture and lifestyle of Istanbul, by taking them out to try Turkish food, visit museums and guide them around the city.

The performance of “Life’s Lines” took place in the evening of 29th September in Akbank Sanat’s Dance Atelier, where the artists have been mostly working throughout the residency. Carey Clayton took advantage of the piano, that was available in the studio and used it together with other instruments and sounds he recorded, creating an amazing music performance. Before dancers joined Kelly on stage, she performed an improvisation piece inspired by people sitting in the audience, mimicking their poses and transforming them into a dance. Then, together they performed “Life’s Lines”, which were met with great appreciation of the audience. There was a Q and A panel after the performance, where the viewers could learn more about the performance and artists’ experience during the time spent in Istanbul. The night ended very successfully and it was also a great end to their whole stay in Turkey.


Kelly Flansburg is a contemporary dance and ballet artist and choreographer and in collaboration with five Turkish dancers, that took part in the project, she created a continuation to her “Life’s Lines”, which is an in-creation piece. Each fragment of it is being constructed during Kelly’s travels to various countries in the world and inspired by everyday life, culture, her observations and people she meets and encounters with. The final piece will be put together and performed in New York, where both Kelly and Carey are based.

The piece is accompanied by music created by Carey Clayton, a multi-instrumental artist, that also uses digital technology in his creative process. During the residency program, he was recording sounds from all around Istanbul and mixed them later into the piece together with the music he created.



The visit of Kelly Flansburg and Carey Clayton is a project, that is a part of “Find Your Calling Istanbul” Residency Program created by Atelier Muse. At the end of their stay in Turkey, they will perform a movement – sound piece, called “Life’s Lines”.

Life’s Lines is a piece, that puts emphasis on exploring the movement and music in their simplest form. “It dives into the everyday ins and outs of the movement that we create every day. The walking down the street, reaching for the coffee, our gestures when we talk to our friends the natural reaction our body has in relation to others. This movement is paired with music that is going on the same journey” – Kelly and Carey say.

The artists’ motivation to participate in the Residency Program is exploration through working with the community and adding new value to Life’s Lines. The idea is to let the community develop their own understanding of lines and sound and learn from that experience, enrich one’s perception.

Kelly Flansburg is a contemporary and ballet dancer and choreographer based in New York. She had studied Creative Arts in Therapy and currently works Williamsburg Movement and Arts Center as a Teaching Artist and Steffi Nossen School of Dance as a Modern Core Instructor in New York.
Carey Clayton is a multi-instrumental musician and a producer, a graduate of Music Performance at the University of Miami. Throughout their Residency Program he will be accompanying Kelly with live guitar music.

On 18th September Kelly Flansburg and Carey Clayton are arriving in Istanbul to take part in Atelier Muse’s “Find your Calling Istanbul” Residency Program. During their 2 week-long stay, they will not only take part in rehearsals, photoshoot, interviews and creative preparation for their final performance, but also be able to feel the Istanbul vibe and experience this lively historic city. Kelly will be also holding two day workshop on modern dance and improvisation, both accompanied by Carey’s live music performance. Workshops, rehearsals and performance will be taking place in 3 different studios in central Istanbul – Salt Atelier, Akbank Sanat, and ÇAK.