PREMIER: Heads/ Tails


#2 – Heads/Tails, 2019

A lecture performance on Merce Cunningham’s chance choreography method using evolutionary algorithms.

Premier in 2019 to celebrate the centennial of Merce Cunningham.

Artists Şima Uyar and Ezgi Türker, in collaboration with Atelier Muse, started their research on ‘Contemporary Dance Research – Lecture Performances’ with their first work of ‘Trio F5’. Trio F5 was born out of the desire of the artists for search of simplicity and minimalism. They chose to investigate Yvonne Rainer who is one of the most important representative of this movement, her “No Manifesto” and “Trio A” choreography for their project.

The second lecture performance of this series focuses on Merce Cunningham of whom 2019 is centennial. For celebration of Merce Cunningham’s 100th birth year, artists Şima Uyar, Ezgi Türker has examined Merce Cunningham as one the major contemporary dance figures.

Consept & Performance: Ezgi Türker, Şima Uyar / Mentor: Ufuk Şenel / Distribution & Promotion: Atelier Muse


TIME: 17th Dec, 2019 – 17:00

PLACE: ITU Electrics – Electronics Faculty Ömer Korzay Conference Hall, Maslak, İstanbul

DURATION: Apprx 25 dk.

PARTICIPATION: The event is free of charge. Please book your place via the link below.



The second piece of the Contemporary Dance Research – Lecture Performances, within “Heads /Tails” artists Şima Uyar and Ezgi Türker, investigates the chance choreography technique of Merce Cunningham, one of the pioneers of postmodern dance and as one the major contemporary dance figures. “Heads / Tails” was designed with the elements of movement, video projection, sound and prop usage. The piece aims to provide a different perspective to audience via presenting the implementation of the ‘chance choreography’ method on stage and with lecture performance approach.

“Heads / Tails” focuses on Merce Cunningham, who achieved a breakthrough in dance history by breaking down many components of traditional dance, in this part of the world. So, the premier of Heads / Tails in this part of the world is a meaningful and appropriate contribution to the celebration of the centennial of Merce Cunningham.




Şima Uyar (1968) completed her BSc, MSc and PhD education in the Control and Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. She worked as an Associate Professor in the
Computer Engineering Department of the same university until September 2019. Currently she is a full professor in the Computer Engineering Department of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University.

She started her classical ballet training in 1973, in Olga Nuray Olcay’s ballet school and continued training there until 1987. Between the years 1991-1995, she further took classical ballet classes from Emel Alper, one of the prima ballerina in the İstanbul State Opera and Ballet; and modern dance classes from Haldun Yedican, a dancer in the same institution. During these years, she co-created a modern dance piece titled “Bütünleşmek (Becoming Integrated)” with Sema Güven, Mustafa Kaplan and Ziya Azazi, who later founded the dance company Yeşil Üzümler (Green Grapes)

Between 2013-2018, she continued her modern dance training in Mavidans dance school and participated in choreographies created by Nurhan Nebioğlu. As her graduation project from Mavidans, she created a modern dance piece titled “Ouroboros”.

Since 2014, she has been attending Ufuk Şenel’s classes on contemporary dance technique, improvisation and choreographic research. She performed in two works created by Şenel, namely
“Un vie, combien ça coute?" and ''gaze into the void”.

As part of her dance training, she also attended contemporary dance technique classes taught by Ayda Zorlu, Bengi Sevim, Julia Ritter, Ayrin Ersöz, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Serhat Kural, Melih Kıraç, Aslı Öztürk, Mihran Tomasyan and Alper Marangoz; took part in the Axis Syllabus workshops by Barış Mıhçı. She also had the opportunity to work with Yoshiko Chuma, Francisco Camacho, Leyla Postalcıoğlu, Deniz Alp, Candaş Baş, Kamola Rashidova, Davide Sportelli and Melissa Ugolini in workhops given at various locations in Istanbul.

Finally, she co-created the lecture performance titled “Trio F5” with Ezgi Türker. This work was performed in the 16th Contemporary Dance Days organized at Middle East Technical University and also at A Corner in The World, 29’ 59” May 2019 program at Salt Beyoğlu. Currently she is working on her new projects with Ezgi Türker and Ufuk Şenel.


Ezgi Türker (1992) has her bachelor’s degree from Boğaziçi University, Political Science and International Relations and her master’s degree from Central European University, Political Science.

She started her performance training in 2008 with modern dance in Ankara Dance Academy. She continued on her modern dance training with Mavidans Ballet and Dance School between 2010 2016. She performed in the choreographies by Nurhan Nebioğlu in those years and in 2014-2015, she took street jazz classes from Ayda Zorlu and performed in various shows. She graduated and earned her official certificate from Mavidans in 2016 with her graduation project “Rootless?”.

As part of her modern dance training, she participated in technique classes by Ayda Zorlu, Bengi Sevim, Ayrin Ersöz, Canan Yücel Pekiçten, Aslı Öztürk, Pınar Güremek. Also, she had the chance to participate in the workshops of various artists such as Yoshiko Chuma, Leyla Postalcıoğlu, Deniz Alp, Melissa Ugolini, Alex Miklosy, Cansu Ergin, Los Vivancos, and Blenard Azizaj.

Since 2015, she works with Ufuk Şenel on contemporary dance technique, improvisation and choreographic research. She performed in “Un vie, combien ça coute?” and “gaze into the void” by Ufuk Şenel. Lastly, she designed and performed “Trio F5” with Şima Uyar, which is the first project of a contemporary dance documentations series.