Atelier Muse Residency Program is the realisation of a lifelong dream to add value to life by coming together, exchanging our unique knowledge and creativity with curiosity. As a research, production and community initiative to expand horizons with art, Atelier Muse provides artists professional support, studio space and a broad network in Istanbul and globally with partners.

We encourage artists to contribute the future of art with the considerable step for inspire and carry this enthusiasm within societies through with your creative, curious and conscious way of thinking.

Disciplines: Contemporary Dance, Performance, New Media, Art Writing, Community, Film & Video, Other (If related to any social cause).

Deadline: 31th May, 2018

Duration: 2 weeks – 3 months

Timing: October – December 2018

Program includes

  • Studio space with technical equipments (sound&light)
  • Teaching and attending resident artist workshops
  • Curatorial feedback
  • Performance showing, exhibition organisation
  • Publicity
  • Networking events with local arts community
  • Matching and partnering
  • Artist assistance

Residency Expectations

  • Regular, active, and productive use of the studio space during the residency period.
  • A public presentation as a publication, performance piece, workshop, film etc.
  • Monthly blog posts documenting their residency. For participants who will reside less than a month, at least one blog post is expected.

Residency Fees: €290/week |3 Months: €2,300

Deposit guarantee: €290

The program fee mentioned is for one person.  Second artist +150 € / week (Only for artists with a proven track record of working together as an artistic pair)

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Upon selection, the artist will receive a copy of the contract which shall not considered valid until the full payment of the deposit and the support fees has been received within 15 days after along with a signed copy of the Agreement been returned.
  • Deposit guarantee will be returned in full to the artist should there be no damages or other incumbrances upon check-out.
  • A deposit of 2-week residency fee is due two months before beginning of the residency to effectively book your place in the program.
  • All payments will be made via TransferWise of which details to be shared after your acceptance.
  • Money wiring fees are to be paid by the sender.
  • If you cancel 3 months before your stay, you receive a complete refund. Cancellations less than 3 months before your residency incur no refund.


A full application includes the following:

  • Completed application form. Find and fill the form here.
  • Resume / CV
  • Documentation of recent work (4-10 photos and 1-3 videos; 1-2 writing samples)

Send your application with necessary documents via e-mail to


*Artist collaboratives should apply together by submitting ONE application per group, specifying the number of individuals on the application form. Please note that the program fee mentioned is for one person.  Second artist +150 € / week (Only for artists with a proven track record of working together as an artistic pair)

**All applications and work samples must be submitted in, or translated to, either Turkish or English.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: hello(@)