(Re)union International Thematic Residency Program Istanbul

(Re)union is an autonomous initiative of young international artists. Originally, emerged from alumni reunion of Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Program (PEPCC, Forum Dança) with a strong will to meet former colleagues and promote their works, seeking to understand what moves them currently. In 2016, the first reunion took place in Lisbon.

In 2018, (Re)union extends its activities by International Thematic Residency (ITR) programs in home countries of the network members. ITRs intend to bring (Re)union members in an intense working period in order to trigger an exchange and continuous connection as well as new artistic collaborations within the network and local contacts via working on a theme or a question that is related to the local and global actualities in the artistic, societal and political spheres.

The first ITR will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on May 2018 in collaboration with Atelier Muse. Five artists; Joahn Volmar, Lucia Nacht, Mauricia Neves, Sofia Marques Ferreira and Valeria Caboi are invited to explore the idea of the transformation of urban landscapes in 21st century; how as artists we play role in it and how does this transformation effect and influence our artistic processes among other transcending subjects.

Program also hosts the round table get together; “Urban stories in transformation – Now what?” / Dönüşen kent hikayeleri – Peki şimdi?. The event creates a free space for sharing observations of artists throughout the residency program, and experiences of local public who has been coming through this transformation and discuss our future.

Program enables public contribution via social media channels Facebook and Instagram by sharing 21 century stories with #kenthikayeleri #pekisimdi (#urbanstories #nowwhat).


Guest Artists

Cansu Ergin; is an independent dancer, lecturer and choreographer. Since 2006 she has been creating her own choreographies and collaborations interdisciplinary in Turkey and Europe. She is working more intensively in her hometown, Izmir, focusing on interdisciplinary projects that she collaborates with artist from abroad or local artists. One of her aims is to build strong connection between artworks and the public that people come together , share and improve the city altogether.

Joahn Volmar: Dancer, performer and choreographer, Joahn started his dance training in urban dance and Contemporary in 2004 after finishing his Spanish Philology and Literary Bachelor. Since then, he worked with different companies in Spain, Germany, Canada and Italy. Joahn continues to collaborate as a performer with several companies, performing, researching and teaching in body and artistic field.

Maurícia Neves: Choreographer and performer, has been producing her own dance, performance, installation and music creations, while also trying her hand at costumes and light design in her works. In 2009, she started focusing in creating her own performances. The main motivation is the theme, work with different people from different countries and probably backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. In this times, we should think together about political and social issues and bring the local community to think with the artistic community from others countries.

Sofia Marques Ferreira; is a filmmaker, artist and creative director based in Lisbon. Solea Films which she founded works as an incubator for inspiring moving image pieces with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers. She is currently developing the durational project “Film Bodies: Gender and Transgression”.



This program occurs with the media sponsorship of Gaia Dergi, venue support of SALT Galata, co-funding of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Camões, Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, STEP Travel European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and Compagnia di San Paolo.