Sivil Düşün EU Program, Civil Society Forum, “Duyuyorum / Hearing” Interactive Sound Installation and Talk by Müge Olacak

Müge Olacak will be take place with her Interactive Sound Installation, “Duyuyorum / Hearing” and artist talk at the Sivil Düşün EU Programme, Civil Society Forum in Ankara.

“Duyuyorum / Hearing” reflects the worldwide situation from Turkey’s perspective as in today’s world invisible walls disappear where visible walls are built for the same reason. The installation predicated on creating a free-base for the society which is forced to stay voiceless in despite of the freedom of expression. The project aims to make individuals listen –hear- each other instead of being suspicious of even closest people in their lives.

Sivil Düşün EU Programme was launched by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey to support civil society, and strengthen the structures and values of participatory democracy. Through its various supports, communication channels, and events, Sivil Düşün supports active individuals and civil society organisations. Sivil Düşün’s 1st Civil Society Forum brings together activists and civil society organisations across Turkey, Europe and ENPI countries for sharing their experience on creative and innovative approaches in rights-based work. Through a participatory approach, guests will have a chance to experience rst-hand some inspiring examples illuminating a world that is now dened by constant change, anxiety, as well as dynamism.