The Contemporary Dance Field in Turkey in the Twenty-First Century, article by Müge Olacak

Cambridge Core in Theatre Research International by Cambridge University Press published a dossier as  “Contemporary Theatre and Performance in Turkey” by Dr. Seda İlter (Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies, Department of English, Theatre and Creative Writing School of Arts, Birkbeck, University of London) the lead author.

Müge Olacak was invited to contribute to the publication via sharing her reflections about contemporary dance and performance in 21st century. Her article “The Contemporary Dance Field in Turkey in the Twenty-First Century” has been published on Cambridge Core in Theatre Research International Volume 44, Issue 3 on October 2019 by Cambridge University Press. The article is available via DOI:

The other contributing art professionals are in the dossier are Seda İlter, Özlem Hemiş, Pieter Versraete, Zeynep Günsur Yüceil, Ayşe Draz and Metin Mirza.


The Contemporary Dance Field in Turkey in the Twenty-First Century

Extract: Based on my experiences and observations as a dancer, performer, researcher and culture manager, this article aims to shine a light on the performing-arts field, particularly on contemporary dance, in Turkey in the twenty-first century. Given the current political, social and economic shifts in Turkey, which have doubtless affected artistic practice and structures, it is important to draw attention to and explore the emerging players in the field of dance – dance institutions, producers, artists and audience. In addition, it is necessary to create awareness about the new generation’s efforts to develop the field in relation to new organizational and partnership structures, shifting from a vertical hierarchy to autonomous and collective working models.